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Do you ever see a great brand without a unique logo? No? It is true because there is not a single great brand without a unique logo. A logo has a great impact on your brand so it’s quite natural if you want your logo to be remarkable and unique. Now the problem is how do you get the unique logo? Relax! Take a deep breath! This article will help you to know how to design a unique logo for your brand.

You already know that businesses these days give too much importance to branding. The reason for doing so is that they want to establish a relationship with their clients on the basis of respect, trust, and integrity. Marketing experts always suggest you use your brand logo everywhere because the visual components play a great role in making up a strong brand. Keep it in mind: Your logo identifies your business. It should be different, unique, and memorable.

How to create a unique logo?

It is a very crucial process to design a logo for any brand as it requires a lot of attention and hard work plus you have to get it right. You cannot risk your own career and your company’s sales by making any common mistakes during the process of logo designing. In business, there is a quote that time is money. By making any mistakes, you are wasting your time which as a result affects your company. In this respect, clients can take full advantage of your services that can help them to create their customized logo design.

Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while making the logo unique and appealing.

1.      Keep it simple

The designs of most logos are based on the choice of font, size, and shape. You should keep these things simple. This is the reason that you can easily recognize the brands like Apple, McDonald’s, Adidas and many others because their logos are quite simple.

Using too many fonts and colors in logo designing can confuse your clients and do nothing else. It will also be unable to convey your message to the audience. If you want to create a unique logo, then keep it simple. It will tell your audience that you are organized and disciplined. A cluttered logo sends a negative first impression to your audience. You should not rush into the selection of fonts or colors. Take some time. Think about the perfect one. Go for the one that suits your business. Most importantly, try to avoid common fonts and shapes.

2.      Avoid adding too many special effects

Do you know what is common between the logo for the London Olympics and the new logo of Skype?  Both of these brands seem to go overboard with special effects. If you think that using a lot of special effects will make your logo perfect and amazing, then you are at fault. Because a well designed and perfect logo does not rely on any kind of special effects.

4 Elements Tour
Unique Logo Design

You should design your logo without using special effects, it will make your logo look strong and unique. You can add the effects later but first, you have to create the logo in black and white. A strong logo design looks unique and up to the mark even without the use of effects.

3.      Do not copy

If you want to attain a strong brand identity, then copying or stealing or borrowing the shape or idea of any other brand is the most unwise and false move on your part. In simple words, you have to create your own logo and stop stealing the designs of other brands. It is unlawful and unethical plus it is such a shame to take someone else’s thing and give it your own name.

Pepsi vs Korean Air
False Unique logo

If you look at the pictures above, you will see that these two look alike. The first one belongs to Pepsi while the second one belongs to Korean Air. It is not clear that which company copies the design of the other or maybe it is just a coincidence that their logos look the same. As you know, Pepsi is a strong brand among these two, so you can assume that the logo of Pepsi is original and as a result, Korean Air gives a negative impression.

Similarly, the logos of CNN and the FDA look the same. You can clearly see the words bleeding together into one in both the logos.

4.      Use vector Graphics

Your logo is seen everywhere. For this reason, the size of your logo should be neither too large nor too small. If you want to use a photo or any other clipart in your logo, then do not use it. You should go to the software to design your logo. For example, you can use Adobe Illustrator because the vector graphic of this software makes sure that the photo remains consistent even with the change of size. Using clipart can cause a lot of trouble. It makes your brand look cheaper. So, you should use vector graphics to make your logo unique.

Blissful Coffee & More
Blissful Coffee & More | Unique Logo

5.      Think out of the box

It means let your creativity and inspiration flow while you are designing the logo. You should come up with different ideas and then choose the one which is best for your brand. If you are ingenious with making unconventional designs work then you must step forward and take the risk. If you look at brands like FedEx or Amazon, you will see that they have embraced this concept to make their logos look unique. Down below is a great example of Out of the box concept.

Drink Your Meal
Drink Your Meal | Unique Logo

6.      Keep the color scheme simple

Take a deep breath and look around. You will see various brands around you. Now just focus on the fact that a logo that has too many colors seems unprofessional and does not attract you. As a designer, you may want to add various colors in the logo but if you do so, then it is a big mistake.

Remember that, it is not the color scheme that makes your logo looks great plus it does not define its identity. So, it is best if you focus on the shape before you break out the color palette. You might use different colors later but try to use simple color schemes. Keeping your logo’s color scheme makes a unique logo.

There are various brands that keep their color scheme simple and plain. Look at the logo of Samsung. It follows suit with a blue and white scheme for its logo.

7.      Keep fonts to a minimum

You might want to use more than two font styles in your logo to make it unique but it will make it look unprofessional. Using too many fonts in a single logo is as detrimental to design as overused fonts. It will do nothing else except to make your logo look messy. It will also confuse your audience. If you want to make a unique logo design, then keep fonts to a minimum as brands like Nike or Calvin Klein did. It will make your unique logo more recognizable.

Designer Line Bullies | DLB Logo
Designer Line Bullies

8.      Use your own Typeface

It is understood that a typeface can make or break a logo design. You should keep it in mind that your sole purpose is to make your logo different and unique. One of the best ways to make it different is to use a unique typeface. Using typefaces that are overused will not make it unique. Take a page from various successful brands like Google or Disney. It will help you to make your logo a perfect one.

XBO Consulting
XBO Consulting

As you know, your logo is the first line of marketing for your company. It must be something unique, bold, and whimsical- that represents your company or brand. Hopefully, the tips explained above will surely help you to design a perfect and unique logo. Now, you have got the basic guidelines to make an amazing logo. So, take risks but be aware. Get inspired but be practical.

You have got this!

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