7 Myths about Social Media Marketing, Busted! Social media is useful why?



One of the greatest foe as an entrepreneur is misinformation. If you want to advertise your brand or company or any other product through social media marketing, then you will see there are various instructions available online and most of them seem to be erroneous.

There are so many facts on marketing through social media but they seem reasonable and appropriate only on the papers because when it comes to the practical implementation of those points, they fail badly.

Starting a new business is one of the most difficult jobs. Once you get started, the next task is to advertise it. You should either go for any professional advertisers or you have to learn yourself that how to advertise your brand.

As it is the era of technology, so the most common method that is adopted these days is to promote your business with the help of social media. But there are a few myths about social media marketing that you must have to learn.

Without proper knowledge or research, you can endanger the future of your business. So, here are the few common myths about social media marketing that you need to watch.

social media
social media

1.      Negative feedback can be safely ignored:

It is the easiest way to promote your business through social media. But you should also know that it is not about promoting the positive aspects of your brand. It also includes how to manage all the negative responses that are directed at your business.

You should try to ignore the snipes and jabs. They will do nothing else except to fester online. But to convince your customers, you have to respond to all the comments sometimes. When you get some negative feedback, try to answer them strategically.

You should reply to all the comments as soon as possible. Not only you can tamp down on negative feedback before it gains any ground, but quick responses will show that you listen and respond to customer’s concerns, even if they are negative.

Matt Broussard, content creator and chef at Spiceology in Spokane, has more than 300 million followers on social media. He says:

“All feedback, both positive and negative, has merits. As a chef, this is the only reason on which I live: how a dish is, what it needs,  how I should improve it. I do not push off any kind of negative comments because that helps fuel on how to improve my recipes”.

2.      Email is no longer relevant:

Some people consider social media marketing as a replacement for marketing through other methods. But you should know that it is not true. Marketing through social media will never be able to replace other methods.

It is just a tool to get in touch with your customers. In case of any queries, it will be the only way to answer them immediately. It is understood that social media marketing is a simple and easy way to adopt for promotions. But you should also know that emails can never be replaced.

Email still has a very important role in your marketing campaigns.  You should keep your recipient’s lists and e-marketing campaigns around you because they are still worth your time.

3.      All content represents thought leadership:

Content marketing is the most important part of social media marketing. You should use the platform of social media to promote content and distribute it to your users.

The content itself is responsible for perpetuating and developing your brand. But, most of the entrepreneurs consider the content as equal to the thought leadership, which is not true.

You should know that you should give the title of the best content to the one which will give you any kind of authority or power over your audience. This is less about thought leadership than catching the attention of your audience.

Remember, this discrimination is very important. Without it, you may create the content in the same way but it will not reinforce your brand’s power, authority,  trustworthiness.

4.      Social media and content marketing are two different campaigns:

People believe that social media marketing and content marketing are different things. But this notion is completely false. Social media marketing gives you a platform through which you will share your content with your audience directly.

It gives you direct access to the targeted audience. It is true that both, social media and content marketing, will not work without one another, understanding this point might be a little bit critical. But this too is understood, that these are not different campaigns.

5.      Content topics must be limited to protect your secrets:

As it is already stated, that starting a small business is the most difficult task. You should know that no matter how brilliant your idea seems, no matter what industry you are in, you have to work hard to gain any attention in a world full of larger industries or more established footprints, or disciplined personalities. You will receive many pieces of advice about how to limit the information that your content contains to protect your secrets, but you should not do that.

First of all, most of your ideas are already known to your competitors or they can easily reverse-engineer from your product. Secondly, just knowledge will not be able to defeat someone. If it was done, then book readers will rule the world. You should not stagger from sharing the details with your audience plus you should trust your abilities. If you do this, your readers will love you more for your openness and confidence.

6.      Social media marketing is primarily for generating new customers:

Social media indeed increases your number of customers but it is never the primary purpose of social media marketing. Research has shown that followers of some corporate social media accounts were fans before they joined. They were not converted by the existence of the profile, making social media marketing closer to ‘preaching to the choir’ rather than a recruitment strategy. Social media marketing will help you to work better in the current situation of the market. It will not prove to be any kind of expansion strategy for your market. It is better to understand this will help you to build a perfect strategy to grow your business.

7.      Social media metrics cannot be measured:

If you are trying to find out any kind of track that will tell you how effective your campaign is, then you are on the wrong path because you will never find it. Move forward as there is much more to measure, from clicks to customer behavior. If you are willing to collect this information, it will easily tell you whether your campaign is profitable or you have to change your strategies. You just have to identify which metrics generated by your campaign are most important and relevant to your goals.

As Matt Broussard says:

“Metrics can be measured via the form of ongoing awareness, especially when it comes to brand partnership. Long term consumer awareness is inevitable and comes with undeniable value, even if it is sometimes harder to quantify”

You should keep this thing in mind that social media marketing is a very effective and beneficial way of marketing but if you do it the right way. If you face the myths that are explained in this article, then try to avoid it because they will keep you away from achieving your goal. You must have to cut through the lies to make sure that you have the right social strategy to preserve.

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