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Creating an attractive portfolio is the best way to show your skills all in one place. Having an online portfolio will help in your career. It will help the clients and customers to find what you can do for them.  Moreover, you can make a better display of your designs according to your choices. Many websites help you to make a designer portfolio. Once you are login to a website then you can easily choose the best designs that fit your skills. When the portfolio is ready, all the heavy work is done. Now you can have changes in it as you like. Having an attractive portfolio will surely convert visitors into customers and followers. 

If you are a designer then you can put all your designs, photography shoots, and videos that will help you to gain more customers. Remember one thing that your portfolio should not be complicated. Add a short bio in which you have described your skills and qualities. Put your best work for the display of your portfolio. Because the customer will visit your portfolio for some seconds only. 

In the article below we will discuss some easy tips to make an attractive portfolio:

1. Be careful about what you include:

Don’t include everything that you have done or designed. Exclude those pieces of work that you do not like.  Always include those designs that will catch the attention of the viewer’s eyes. Make your portfolio impressive and a piece of art that reflects your skills and qualities. It should also describe the taste of the work you want to do in the future. Put specific features in your portfolio for a specific client. Don’t put unnecessary things.

2. Go For a variety of designs for an attractive portfolio:

Include a variety of designs for your every skill. Don’t include only one design such as illustration or whatever. All designs should look nice together. Put designs for your specific skills that match your portfolio.

Generic Logo Designs
Generic Designs
Best Logo Designs ever on GoDesign.pk
Attractive Portfolio

3. Rely on quality and not on quantity:

Don’t create a mess of your designs, only include five to six best designs. Because you have to show the clients your best work. As the client will visit your portfolio for some seconds that is why make sure that your display is attractive.

4. Resolution of the images:

Take the images with higher resolution and close-ups. This will give your portfolio a high-quality look. So always take high-resolution images to build an attractive portfolio. 

Designer Coco says, “I basically rotate my favorites and try to keep a good balance. Keep the format consistent in your portfolio, and if possible, incorporate great photography and photos of your work

5. Talk about the results:

Your design should explain the task and experiences. It is surely the reflection of the whole work. That is why it should describe the real work experiences and the aim that you are going to accomplish through this design. Ask your users which type of designs they want so you should come up with the same results. Always have some goals before you start to design something.

6. Your portfolio should be easy to navigate:

Do keep in mind that the client has very little time to deal with every portfolio. Indeed he is looking for the best. That is why don’t rush your portfolio. Include your best designs. It should be easy to navigate from mobiles.

7. Write sincerely:

Talk to the point and don’t engage the conversation. Just describe your skills and qualities nicely and do mention your future goals on which task you will like to work on. In case if you have to send an email to your client about your project then do talk sincerely that you can align with him or her in a specific project. Being humorous, your response will boost the client. 

8. Let your passion show:

Your portfolio should show that you are passionate about it. Be brief but be sincere. You should show that you are passionate about the specific designs which a company wants. Talk about what you are interested in. Even if you are still learning but you should contribute and let your passion shine.

9. Don’t use flash or animation in your online portfolio:

Parallax or other scrolling features are trendy but things other than this are not allowed. Because other featured can be complicated for the viewers. Keep it simple, clean, and easy. The main purpose of your portfolio is that the viewers should easily understand your skills and qualities.

10. Get a second opinion:

Once you are done with the portfolio then have a look. It must look impressive to you. But others’ opinions are also important. It may look good to you but might some features be irritating for the other person. Make sure that it looks professional and there are no grammatical errors. Having grammatical errors is the biggest flaw of an online portfolio.

Well-built writing skills:

11. Review your portfolio:

When you have made your online portfolio review it once. Delete unnecessary images. Remove the grammatical mistakes. If you think that something is odd and tired then delete it and add something different. Make sure that it is attractive and non-distracting.

These were some important points that one should keep in mind while making a portfolio. Your portfolio must contain the best designs which are attractive. Good editing would help you to achieve your aims. Once you have your achievements in your mind then you will work according to that. Have a critical eye over your designs because here quality is a key. Update your profile constantly because clients demand changes. Make sure you mix your skills on the display so that all your qualities show up. Ask your trustworthy people to tell you about the quality work of your portfolio. This would help you to work according to others’ choices. Perhaps they will surely encourage you for your work. These were some innovative ways to make money from your art. 

What are your tricks to design a great portfolio? Or you do have one? Let me know in the comments below.

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