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Product designing is the most important aspect of any company and any company can prove its creativity by developing successful products. We can clearly see this in top companies like Apple, Google, and BMW, etc. Founders of these companies like Bill gates create an intense focus on creative designs. This perfect product designing makes them stand out in the market. And it all lies in one idea and one idea just needs a small group of creative people.

Godesign always covers its viewers by providing the best authentic information and this time it’s a list of 6 principles of product designing; every designer should keep in mind while product designing.

So, here is the list of top 6 principles of product designing by us:

1. Use the spacing scale

In product, designing pacing can be defined as the white enough space between graphics, columns, text, margins, and other elements. It is also called padding and every designer must be aware of this in product designing. It’s just like the breath of air in between a lot of elements. If you are a designer then you should follow a strict spacing rule throughout in order to maintain consistency. The perfect one you can adopt is the 8dp grid system. This means that spacing could be 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 pixels.

2. Pick only one type face

Have you ever noticed that everything you see from morning to evening, from your room to your bathroom’s luxurious items, there only one thing everywhere, and that’s called typography? Designers must consider only one typography during their product designing to ensure consistency and should follow the millions of pretty typographical trends blindly in order to create beauty. The design must be user-friendly with one simple and similar font style throughout instead of different pretty fonts everywhere.

3. Create the color system

Color is the most important part of any product designing. In bundles of different colors and hues, it can easily become the difficult task of selecting one for your product. This problem can be solved by creating a color system. For this take a look at your Brand’s color and that will highly influence the colors you will use in your color system for product designing.

Click the button below to know more about the color consistency.

4. Remember about Accessibility

This is the most important factor in product designing that whether your product is easily accessible to everyone or not. You must incorporate all accessibility laws in your product designing by considering all the potential users in different contexts for people with disabilities. This will allow them to open your product easily. And will create a design called, “design for all”.

5. Make your design consistent

In product designing consistency means that all the elements of your design are uniform i.e having consistent color, consistent page layout consistent navigation, and consistent fonts. This is very important for making your design user-friendly. It would not be wrong to say that, “Consistency is the key to perfect product designing”. You can easily achieve this consistency by your choice of language in designing, applying UI elements as it is as they are originally defined, considering conventions while deciding the layout, always considering the user’s expectations, and creating consistent visual elements throughout.

Read the linked article to know more about designing tricks for beginners.

6. Provide clear Microscopy

Selecting words is the most integral part of product designing. They can dramatically increase user engagement.  The most overlooked and powerful form of UX writing is microcopy. Microcopy can be defined as the small informational texts, forms, buttons, tips or pop-ups, etc which help the users in generating their desired results on a certain website.  They can be like a product to users. Microscopy helps in creating a stronger bond with a brand overall. The properties of perfect microcopy include clear, concise, and easy to understand, can act as the tone and voice for your brand, fits in visually and look like part of the design, fills a needs, answers questions or build empathy. 

To get the deeper insight of these principles, head to the following linked button.

So above mentioned principles of product designing are created by us, let us know in the comment section below about the principles you find difficulty in and always forget to incorporate them. Repeat the drill; Like. Share and Subscribe!

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