How E-Rozgar Helping Graduates in Freelancing?



What is E-Rozgar?

e-Rozgar is a Pakistani government initiative towards promoting freelancing and digitization in Pakistan for graduates to upgrade their skills, businesses, and innovative insights. It is an associated project of the Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology, and tourism department with PITB, aimed to empower graduates for freelancing across 36 districts. It has effectively accomplished a breakthrough for the employment rate. According to a report in 2019, roughly 9,000 unemployed graduates earned 100 million rupees through freelancing.

The government has established numerous training centres’ under the umbrella of e-Rozgar to facilitate graduates and young professionals in 3 months. For instance, there are 26 centres’ over Punjab that are working in distinctive colleges and universities’ to educate and encourage unemployed youth by throwing essential amenities’.

How does it work?

  • In the very first step, the e-Rozgar team receives a sizeable number of applications. When a candidate intends to register himself in the training program, he registered himself to the official site of e-Rozgar and chooses a distinctive path of training. They divided training into three domains:
  1. Technical
  2. Non-Technical
  3. Creative Designing
  • When a candidate registered himself/herself for the desired course track, authorities review the application and shortlist candidate for the training. The shortlisted candidates will be entertained by free training of 3 months in their selected domain. Professional trainers provide hands-on training to the candidates to flourish in their speciality.

Impact of e-Rozgar to Freelancing in Pakistan

In freelancing, Pakistan stood third among the world community by earning around $1 billion, which would increase to the tune of $360 million through the earning of $100 per day per person by the 10,000 trainees selected for the three-month program for freelance self-employment at 40 training centres by high profile trainers.

The training enables the youth to generate income approximately from Rs 30,000 to Rs 80,000 per month through Freelancing. The program would take forward the economy of Pakistan by gearing up self-employment as in the given circumstances; we produce 250,000 graduates annually while only 50,000 job opportunities are not enough to meet the requirement.

How E-Rozgar is helping Youth in Freelancing?

1. Empowering Youth towards self-employment

The program is empowering the youth to create jobs for themselves in technical, non-technical, and creative areas rather than to seek it. E-Rozgaar training is providing opportunities to the youth for self-employment utilizing the stage of outsourcing for their career development and creating their basic delicate abilities to upgrade the employability and ensure feasible earning. PITB aimed to produce a group of premium freelancers for international projects. It is predicted in a meeting that the top 15% of students earned $112,000 through online freelancing in the shortest period.

2. Distinctive Curriculum to Freelance

E-Rozgaar has collaborated with Facebook to consolidate e-Rozgaar’s educational programs. Through the Facebook course track, e-Rozgaar is engaging and teaching learners by sharing apparatuses, information, instructional exercises, and essential abilities, which inevitably offer assistance them to gotten to be master designers. Facebook gives free vouchers to ace trainers to become blueprint certified. On clearing the learning way, candidates get Facebook certification separated from the certification received from the E-Rozgaar Program.

3. Communication and creative skills to influence clients

Other than the Facebook course track, Facebook Developer Circles and PITB have joint hands to ‘educate, enable and empower’ local freelancers and developers to edify them in web, app, gaming, and robotics, and to have an impactful communication with the clients.  Developer circles have been established under the supervision of the E-Rozgaar Program in Gujarat, Sahiwal, and Faisalabad and are expected to expand to three more in the future. These communities conducted monthly meet-ups at designated meet-up centers.

4. A ladder towards global dominance

E-Rozgar enables students to pitch themselves in the international market on freelancing portals and get business. These training managers and assistant training managers are also instructing them to bid on freelancing platforms and get their initial work.

5. Entrenching the areas of your expertise

As it has mentioned above that no prior knowledge required to have e-Rozgar training. You can register yourself in any domain to expand the circle of your expertise and skills. For instance, you are a fresh graduate in Computer Science and specialized in the technical domain and earning through the technical area. e-Rozgar enables you to stretch your freelancing by getting yourself registered in the non-technical field i.e. Content Writing or Creative domain i.e. Graphic Designing. Consequently, you will have a wider approach to influence your clients and expand your business with the help of the E-Rozgar training program.

6. Mitigating Job Depression

This program is not only assisting the youth from an economic perspective but it is also building some deep-rooted, and long-term psychological effects e.g. minimizing frustration among the unemployed youth. The educated youngsters who are craving to get their dream jobs remained unemployed, frustrated, and discouraged. This training fortifies the educated youth to earn their dream payments through freelancing and build plenty of skills in specified domains. This energy diversion makes the youth more confident, self-reliant, and constructive.

7. Polishing their Skills

On the other side, E-Rozgar promotes local talent through skill enhancement. This aptitude advancement training is catering to divert the vision of Pakistani youth from survival mode to advance mode. The long term impact of developing a digital, creative, and entrepreneurial skillset for surviving and competing in an ever-changing world is obvious in this regard.

Success Story

The crux of the discussion

The freelance work is a quickly developing work slant. The freelance industry has changed the general design of work all through the world. Hence it is a vital division where Pakistani youth ought to contribute its time and vitality for worldwide acknowledgment. Within eight months, the whole revenue generated through this activity has come to PKR 3.75 crores.

A well-resourced Pakistani youth could be a key component for satisfying this dynamic dream of freelancing. To fully utilize the potentials of Pakistani youth, this training initiative should be expanded to cover up the other regions of Pakistan.

Enroll yourself now for a tremendous surge in your Freelancing career!

Happy learning 🙂

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