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Every Web and graphic designer needs to have a beautiful and attractive portfolio. It’s the main factor that separates you from the crowd and presents you as a professional Web and graphic designer.

In this era, where everything is digital you can easily increase your selling and production services through your portfolio because your portfolio can increase the demand for your skill.

It’s very simple because if you have a very attractive outlook of your shop or anything else then the customers will come automatically and it same goes for the case of a portfolio.

Portfolio Websites:

In this article, we are going to teach you how big companies and brands increase their level of production through attractive portfolio websites. And we also see some beautiful, attractive, and most professional websites of 2020.


Portfolio websites
Portfolio websites

Behance is a great and fabulous portfolio for graphic designers, artists, and photographers. This portfolio exactly works like social media platforms where you can be liked by someone because of your skill or work you uploaded there.

It provides you the facility that if you’re interested in someone like it would be an artist, graphic designer, or photographer you can go to their profiles and follow them for the latest updates. The Behance provides the opportunity that you can be recognized for your work on social media.

Adobe Portfolio:

You can call Pro or the advanced version of Behance is Adobe portfolio. This is amazing where you can create your portfolio website just by pick and drop layout. The main advantage is that you can customize the portfolio websites by your own choice and write through Typekit’s list of them, and then sync all things to Behance.

But one more thing that needs to mention here, you can’t call this site a high level or professional site. If you want to make it more effective then you can buy a more expensive version of Adobe portfolio.


Squarespace is a website builder and through its specification, it makes a large difference. It is a fully customized website you can do what you want, you can use sleek through types kits fonts and as well as Google fonts. Squarespace can work as a professional portfolio website.

You can build a portfolio website for yourself or for business too. But if you want to make it more professional more efficient than others, then you have to buy the more expensive pro version of Squarespace than other competitors.


If you are looking for a great portfolio for your business or your own experience then Wix is on the top of the board. You can realize its importance by using it.

It’s very much flexible sleek and has dozens of different beautiful design templates. One more thing you should know about Wix is that it is entirely free of cost but often you have to pay for premium services.

If you are looking for a great portfolio then Wix is a good choice for anyone who wants to be a part of professionalism. Especially if you are a graphic designer or Web developer then you have an edge on others.

If someone is looking for a great and professional portfolio website at very cheap rates or even free then without wasting a second, try to Wix and check it out. Wix fulfills its promises, it’s very responsive, user friendly, and easy to use.


Portfoliobox site was specifically designed for the people who had an experience of creativity for galleries, e-commerce, and much more. Its unpaid version is quietly less customized and very limited.

But if you have a paid version then you have access to the beautiful portfolio where you are awarded unlimited customization options, unlimited pages, blogs, and posts.

In the paid version you also have Google analyst, design support, etc. If you want to work as a professional and want to have worthy feedback on your work and then you have to try this once. Anyone will feel professional by using a portfolio box.


This is a very efficient portfolio website and a little bit different from the rest. You have to apply to get in, and after confirmation, you are awarded access. You can analyze the process it is because the Cargo work is of very high standard quality.

There’s great quality stuff on site. But unfortunately, the cargo customization is limited so if you want to use the site you have to put requests and after the confirmation, you will have access. You would be awarded 12 projects and 3 pages. This is a great site where you can sell your skill easily.


The format is very dynamic, effective especially if you are a mobile user. The format has various plans for paid. You can choose which suits you best and all the paid packages are unlimited it means you have to buy a package only once then you can have it for the rest of your life.

But sometimes it seems very difficult or hard to choose an option when there are plenty of available options. So, in this case, Format offers you a free trial of almost every single package for a specific time so Format makes it easy for you.

If you are not good at coding then feel no hesitation because Format offers you the facility that you can customize the portfolio by tools you just need to have pick and drop.

Ben Mingo a Web developer:

Ben Mingo is a Web designer and lives in California. He is a very experienced expert in his field which you can see in his portfolio. He usually takes an unusual action towards the portfolio website he also analyses the user requirements and user flexibility and most probably that is the only way you can be top in your field because your priority is a user. He uses transition effects and animation that make his portfolio more attractive to the people.

You can see the best portfolio designed by visiting the Ben Mingo portfolio site given below:



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