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Are there so many meetings that keep you stay in touch with work till the next morning? Is your calendar packed with so many meetings that you don’t have any time to manage your working routine? Have you to do work on one side and to handle the client on the other? Have your email back and forth with clients?

The answers to these questions might be ‘No’ because it is a reality that the designers and freelancers don’t have much time. The reason is simply that they don’t organize their Working routine.

One thing is clear that life is very easy if it is spent effectively in an organized way. To mix the whole calendar and to find no time for any productive work is a big challenge to the designers. They face this challenge in an unorganized way.

They don’t find any time for work as well as for the client’s relationships. How can you find time to work passionately and to provide the best client experience? How can you find time to pursue other aims? These three tricks and methods will help you a lot in that difficult condition.


1. Fix days for meetings: 1 or 2 (Save the rest for the client work)

If your days are full of meetings and you don’t find any time for the client’s work then you need to change your timetable. You must be sure that certain days are just for certain work. You need to be very sure about each and every task.

Make a calendar in which you designate just 2 to 3 days for meetings with such persons who are responsible for running the business. After these meetings, work passionately for the clients.

Marie Poulin is a digital designer and has great success. We noted the following line “by limiting the time I’m available in my scheduling app, I’ve managed to create more space for content creation, brainstorming, planning, designing and just life in general”. So we can note that successful people manage their time table and work efficiently.

Working routine: Meeting apps
Working routine: Meeting apps

There are also some scheduling apps that make that work easier. These apps divide the work into different sects. Calendly is such an app that divides the whole week. This app allows you to select certain days for meetings and then allows you to hide the rest of the week from the meetings.

Now just create a schedule and work on it. You have thorough freedom to save time for yourself that maintains your motivation and pushes you to do work passionately. This trick will create attraction in the business and the clients will be attracted to it.

By having meetings on certain days you will be able to focus on your work and you’ll have the best consultative approach during your time with clients.

2. Time you need to be involved in your community of designers

There is a need to be involved with one person at one time. If your inbox is full of requests and you do meetings in groups then these meetings will not be beneficial. Schedule your meeting with one person and share knowledge and skills which will be helpful.

Working routine: Group meetings
Working routine: Group meetings

You can also look for group meetings where all the designers can help each other by sharing knowledge and skills. Make sure that the same information is not repeated. Like meet-up.com you can also search for other active groups and contribute to the community.

There must be such groups that are always active and go which by having meetings you can contribute and learns also if you’re not an expert in certain domains. Group meetings allow you to focus on your clients and you are removed from the whole conversation of the group.

3. Be specific in your working routine

You must not share the full details of your calendar with all the clients. If you do this then you open the door wide through which anyone can walk in and out. You need to be very specific in the selection of your clients. Instead, you can send private invitations which able you to allow only those clients who are passionate about the work and who can do your required work.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

If you designate just two days: ‘Monday and Tuesday’s for clients then there is a possibility of coming those who are not allowed. If you are using google calendar then there you can add only Monday and Tuesday as your meeting days and hide all the other days from meetings by adding OFF from ‘Wednesday to Friday’.

Calendly is such an app that allows the blocking of availability to you. There you can book the appointments and then invite them privately. This will ensure productivity in your work.

Now the meetings will be with those who are allowed and you can prioritize your clients by inviting them on a time basis. You can prioritize current and potential designers and you can invite only those who are running your business. After managing the working routine, the rest of the time will be yours!

If you are ready to do this then take Calendly for a spin-off it’s free! We’ll be happy if you share your strategies to deal with your clients and if you share your ideas and tricks then we will be grateful. Do work and enjoy your life!

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