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If you are looking for a new job or going to start your career, you will surely think that what is good for your future. Which field will benefit you more? You go for freelancing or prefer permanency? This is actually something serious and difficult to decide because a job is the only way a person relies on for his living. That is why one should make the right decision at the right time. For example, if you’re looking for a job in the digital sector or wherever. You will surely engage with some advertisements and you are going to decide your next position. This is a critical point as you have decided on the job’s location, its title, and everything. Now you have to decide whether you need a permanent job or want to proceed with freelancing.

So if you have both the availabilities such as go for freelancing or getting a permanent job, what you should do in this case? Sometimes choosing freelance as a career scares some people. But let me assure you, in freelancing you will get many opportunities and challenges that a permanent employee can never get.

Good for your career:

Good for the career means different to different people. It simply means that this concept varies from person to person. Some want their career to give them exactly what they want but which time and to fulfill their desires. But some want to proceed with their career with loyalty and giving back something at the end. If you appreciate flexibility then you should go with the freelancing but if you want something stable and long-lasting then you should choose permanency.

We have set some points that will help you to choose between freelancing and permanency with the pros and cons.

Advantages of permanency:

As a permanent employee of an organization or company, you get to enjoy many facilities. Some of these would be discussed below;


When you have a permanent job you have the security that you will be paid every month a proper set of amounts. In case you can also demand a loan from your company if needed. This is what freelancing can never have.

Work on long term projects:

As an employee, you have to work on long term projects which help you to make a smooth relationship with the clients that will help you in the future for the sake of your good career.

Low overheads:

As you work in an office for a company, you don’t need to worry about the taxes, rent and utility bills. These are expenditures that are paid by the company itself. This is the best advantage of a permanent job.

Team environment:

For a permanent job, you’ll never have to work alone. As there will be more workers in the company. That is why you will never feel alone and always have someone to talk to. This creates a loving environment and one feels good any easy to work.

These were some benefits of a permanent job but as everything has pros and cons. So let’s have a look at the disadvantages of the permanency.

Disadvantages of permanency:

The cons of having a permanent job are discussed below. These will surely help you to make the right decision.

Working with limited clients:

As it was mentioned earlier that you can make good relations with your clients but on the other hand it’s not good because you will have only some names to be mentioned in your CV. This will not be a good impression probably. So it’s a flaw for the permanency. Moreover, you will surely have less expensive as you’ll work with limited clients.

Fewer vacations:

You will not get more time to enjoy your life. Because when you are committed to some companies you have to obey the rules and regulations which they provided you in the contract. You cannot have more than one or two holidays. This will surely disturb you.

Hectic routine:

You are committed to working for a specific number of hours when you are a permanent employee. This will make you tired. You cannot take rest unless you are done with the assigned task. This is really very difficult.

As all the pros and cons of a permanent job are discussed, let’s have a look at the freelancing career.

Advantages of freelancing:

In freelancing, you have control over your workload. You only take a specific number of orders according to your own will.

Work from home:

You can easily work from home in your own way. Lying on the couch, having lunch in your PJ’s all day. This is really very amazing and you have a peaceful environment without any stress.

A large number of clients:

You can work with a large number of clients. This will also increase your earnings. You have a great experience with a number of clients. Your CV will have a lot of names that will be very impressive. You can work with many people in a short time with easy contracts.

Make more money:

You have a chance to make more money in less time. It usually happens that from freelancing the daily earnings of people increases. Because you can work on multiple short projects. You can have a high salary than a permanent employee.

Disadvantages of freelancing:

No solid income:

As you are working from home and your job isn’t permanent. So you don’t have a solid income. Sometimes you receive online work and sometimes there are zero clients. You won’t be paid if you take holidays or you are sick. This won’t be an issue if you live alone but if you have a family to take care of then it might cause problems.

Can be lonely:

As you are working from home and you live alone, you surely won’t have someone to talk to. This can really be problematic when someone has no one to talk to. Because after a hectic routine we want a peaceful and friendly environment for the peace of our mind.


As you are alone and working from your own then you will have to bear your expenses such as utility bills, food and taxes. Sometimes, it can be very difficult if you don’t have a project to work on.

So this all shows that both the employments have pros and cons. Now you have to decide which one you’ll choose for proceeding your career. This blog will really help you to choose any of this two employment according to your circumstances and skills. We wish you the best for your leading career.

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