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A logo design can easily make or break your brand since it represents your company. Also, an elegant and powerful intro logo design will spruce up your company and its credibility. Getting a great animated intro logo doesn’t only give your logo and presentation a fun look, but it can also be a fantastic tactic to engage your audience.

What is logo design animation and why it is Important? 

The animated logo design refers to disclosing the logo of your corporation, business, brand in a 2D, or 3D animated manner. It’s a way to make the logo unforgettable by getting transitions and motion effects on a logo design and the tagline. For example, it can be creatively moving your logo’s letters or maybe bouncing characters and making a fun sound with every letter bouncing, etc.

The animated logo design can be an impressive promotional tool and it can create a magnificent brand identity by introducing them to the people in your presentation or video in a captivating way. Hence making a logo design animation worthy enough to fascinate your visitors becomes vital.

Google Logo Animation from GoDesign.pk
via 99Designs

But as a beginner, you have no idea how to create a unique logo with animations.  I would, therefore, like to introduce you to some suggested animation logo design makers online via this post to help you create a beautifully animated logo. There are many animated logo design programs to choose from, and this can lead to confusion. That is why we have created a list of the best animated logo-making software. So let’s remove the need for extra app updates and continue using an animated logo builder.

Animaker :

Animaker is a cloud-based video and animation platform which was first released in 2014 in open beta. This app includes on-line video animation creation and editing tools. Animaker uses both HTML5 and Adobe Flash to create animated videos that can be exported to Facebook, YouTube or downloaded as an mp4 file. The app is also available in the Chrome Web Store as an alternative to chrome. Beginners will love Animaker’s as Animaker works well for people who want more than basic features but aren’t advanced enough to build from scratch, as a transitional design editor.

Features Of Animaker:

  • Provides Ready-made templates for easy editing and presentation.
  • Provides simple instructions on how to make your animated logo design.
  • Offers other types of infographics such as video.
  • It has an extensive library for animations like characters, clip arts, and other icons.
  • It has its web-based whiteboard for easier drafting of ideas.
  • Other features such as your own in-app messaging make it easy to collaborate with your colleagues.
  • You can even upload your creations to Facebook and YouTube.

This video tutorial will help you learn more about Animaker.

  1. Renderforest: 

RenderForest is a cloud-based video production platform that makes it easy for small businesses to inject video content into their digital marketing campaigns. Because of its cloud-based structure, you don’t need to install any software or buy a system that can quickly render video content.

For a company that specializes in both branded videos and logo design, it’s no surprise that Renderforest offers one of the best and most loved logo design animation software. Creating videos requires a lot of memory and computing power RenderForest has that covered. As a result, all you need to do is sign in to their platform and they’re doing the job for you. If you end up with a video within 5 minutes of completing the production process you will discover the strength of this cloud-based software. Fast rendering times are possible only through its strong infrastructure.

Features Of Renderforest: 

  • Usually, it Offers the three core tools for marketing online: logo design making, video making, and editing, and website creation.
  • It provides the user with ready-made logo designs that can be incorporated into existing logos.
  • It creates mock-ups that can be used for many applications like printed materials.
  • It organizes the brand guidelines for you depending on what you want.
  • It can also animate and make videos for logos in their website application.
  • The Application is easy to learn and manipulate even for beginners.
  • The website has a blog showing any updates on their services and other related material, as well as general ideas on online marketing.

This video tutorial will help you learn more about Renderforest.

  1. Biteable:

Biteable is the best Animaker logo design software that creates a video that is used to develop videos, ads, animations, presentations, and other video products to explain. There is both a free version of the Biteable and a paid one. It’s aimed at “democratizing” video for businesses to use. Users create their videos from their images, audio, and text, used alongside animation by Biteable and provided footage. Biteable had 90,000 clients during the primary year and created 100,000 videos. For first all Biteable videos were free, but they came with a watermark that cost a fee to get rid of.

Features Of Biteable:

  • Provides simple instructions on how to use your website and navigate it immediately after entry.
  • Gives access to their character library and ready-made videos.
  • Often accessible to the user are audio files and images stored.
  • Logos models are also available for download.
  • It provides the user with simpler browsing options and targets what the user needs.
  • It offers tutorials for various skills like GIF-making and basic video editing.

This video tutorial will help you learn more about Biteable.

  1. Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark is an integrated suite of Mobile and Web media development applications produced by Adobe Systems. It is an animation logo creator whose aim is to give your videos a finishing touch by adding the best intros. This should be innovative whether it is logo intro or video title intro. That’s Adobe Spark’s main concern. It consists of three distinct programming apps: Spark Web, Spark Post, and Spark Video. Creative Cloud is a component of the operation. The material is saved to the cloud automatically.

The free Adobe Spark web app customizes with mobile devices from Spark Website, Spark Post, and Spark Video iOS, enabling users to build, edit, and share their visual stories from any device. The three design applications allow users to build and style visual content that will be used for enterprise, education, social media, etc. The Spark Gallery highlights various projects carried out by people who use the device. Users can search for pictures using any of the three applications, with the search tool only available for images tagged with the Creative Commons license.

Features of Adobe Spark:

  • You can select any photo you want to work with from the web or Adobe creative cloud or from anywhere.
  • You can upload your videos and photos using this app
  • It can edit both widescreen and square videos
  • This animation maker has many professional themes to it. You can have fun with colours, fonts, images, icons and so on.
  • Perfect for longer animations and movement graphics
  • this online tool provides a large number of fonts suitable for various occasions.

This video tutorial will help you learn more about Adobe Spark.

  1. OFFEO:

Logo animation also involves a creative mind and great craftsmanship. You don’t see these two items in one box very often. That’s why they made the logo for OFFEO. With its template-style editor, OFFEO ‘s online logo animation program targets beginners, which can hinder experts seeking more customization choices. The actual animation capabilities are strong to choose from, with over a thousand animated properties.

As an animation app for the cutting edge logo, it brings a new dimension to designers and animators. It renders identifiable icons, blogs, and other channels. It’s a simple but effective branding technique that allows you to transform your logo into a short animation and for full impact polish it.

Features of OFFEO:

  • OFFEO is a highly customizable and user-friendly software.
  • It provides the configuration of the models and uploads original material and fonts.
  • Many plans are also very inexpensive and compliant.
  • It needs a connection to the internet. Without it, the program also becomes very slow and low.
  • For beginners, it’s a little expensive and there are no annual plans that make it expensive.
  • On a mobile phone, it is not yet available. Only available for PC.
  • The length of the animations you can create is not limited.
  • The animation speed can be managed as needed.

This video tutorial will help you learn more about OFFEO.

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