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When people are not able to learn about something then they can learn about it in a very easy and funny way which is called ‘Gamification’. Through this process, most designers can become effective and elegant designers. For all the designers in this sense, the Design Games can play a vital role in their grooming.

Through gamification, you can learn about difficult subjects while making the learning process fun and playful. In this article, we are going to give you information about the 8 best design games. With the help of these games, you can boost up your design experience along with creativity in the design field.

1) KernType

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By playing this one of the most famous design games, the designers will know a lot about the spacing between characters in typography. If you are working with the letters then it will help you in spacing. Your percentage will tell you how close you are to perfection. The importance of spacing between characters in typography is best explained through this game. Kerning has become an essential skill for good designers, especially in the field of editorial work.

2) The Bezier Game

While playing this design game, the designers will have perfection in using their pen tool. After playing it constantly, it is likely that your chance of using pen tools without shaking hands will increase. Most designers use pen tools in applications including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. In these applications, if you do not have a clear perfection in using the Pen Tool, then it is unlikely to have a perfect design.

3) I Shot the Serif

Due to the best quality of explaining differences between Serif and San-Serif fonts, the designers will be able to get a lot from this game. The task in the game is to identify the serif fonts and shoot them in a given time. The thing not to be done is that you do not have to hit the Sans-Serif Fonts intact. Having perfection in this game will help you in recognizing the Serif Fonts within an instant moment.

4) Font Game

How to Create Fonts From Scratch?

It is a multiple-choice quiz that is very much perfect for all Typography lovers as well as design games lovers. In the game, the task is to identify the font that is used on the mentioned word. As the name of the game shows that it is not an easy one but rather it aims at more experienced and functional designers.

It does not mean that anyone who is not perfect in designing cannot play this but rather it is very educational and teaches you the best lessons regarding the fonts. By looking at and identifying the small characteristics in fonts that make them unique and different, the designers will improve their Typography skills.

5) Logos Quiz – Of Which Companies?

In this game, the designers have to guess the logos of famous companies. It is very addictive and also a fun game to play with family as well as friends. The identification of different logos makes you enable to identify the differences between the best and less common logos.

6) Pixactly

While playing the game, you have to draw boxes and match them to the given pixel dimensions. The basic purpose of the game is to train the designers to know about the exact measurements in pixels which is a very challenging task. Those who want to learn to measure in Pixels must give this a try to this game. Best is for enhancing the focus on web design.

7) Shape Type

All the designers who are interested in Font Design and Type Anatomy must give it a try. It will enhance their knowledge in the field of Font Design. This has become one of the most famous Design tools. The basic point of the game is to fix the skewed vector point of the letter. It is the same as the Bezier Game where you need to enhance your perfection in the use of pen tools.

8) Color Game

Due to its features of teaching the designers about the skills in finding the matching hue, saturation, perfect color combinations, and triadic colors within a very short specified time, this game has become one of the most playing design games. By playing this game, the designers dive into the world of colors and never want to come back from the deep sea of knowledge about colors’ identification.

Final Words

All these games are very beneficial for the best web designers as well as other types of designers. Through these design games, the designers will enhance their skills in designing. After playing the design games various times, the designers and players will become enable to have perfection in the basic goal of the game.

For example, by constantly playing Bezier Game, the designer will enhance his perfection in using the pen tools. All the new designers must try them, even if you do not have the basic knowledge but with the passage of time, you will become an efficient master of various skills.

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