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You need to brand yourself a designer if you want to be more than a ‘portfolio’ then it is absolutely clear that you need to do more than creating a portfolio. Just keep in mind that design is not something which you can get down but the design is more than being successful in the world of graphics. Being a designer is a wonderful and amazing thing but the thing ‘design’ itself is more than its visual importance.

Branding is as important in the design industry as in any other business. Many designers can be very creative in designing and animation but when the matter comes to their branding then they are a little bit confuse and less confidant. Here are some important tips which you can follow and brand yourself as well as your design. By following these tips you will be able to attract your clients and you will move your business to the next level.

1. Who are you? – Define

In any profession, it’s quite necessary that you must know who are you? What do you want to do? Whom are you targeting? For all these answers you need to know yourself. By knowing your individual talent you will be able to brand yourself as well as your design.

You must believe that by knowing yourself you will develop your business and by attempting the questions which are in line with your business you will brand yourself. You must read below before your start branding.

  • Specific mission and values: find your ‘why’?
  • Brand’s personality: who will be the person whom you will brand as your brand’s personality?
  • Expertise: in which design’s field are you interested and expert: logo design or a custom illustrator?
  • Target Customer: for whom are you going to design?

If you are just new then it is quite clear that you will take time to realize yourself and time starts now to search for the inner soul. You need to ask certain questions when you start defining your brand:

  1. What is the purpose of your design?
  2. About which designing project are you excited?
  3. Who are your ideal clients?
  4. What kind of vibe do you want that your customers must feel or get?
  5. Can you describe yourself in three words, if yes then how?
  6. In what three words, your clients can describe you?
  7. Analyze your strengths and challenges. Can you? If yes then must do now.

2. Identify and Construct your POD ( Point of Difference)

Basically you need to create and develop something new and creative which is not so common among other designers. By creating this you will be able to attract the clients over other designers, and brand yourself. You need to do something better than others.

Brand Yourself

Do you turn to your work so quickly that your clients call you Speedy Gonzales? Have you been producing high profile logos for a specific industry since your Mario Paint days? Do you have the thorough onboarding process in the biz, you need to ensure that you are producing the same designs which are required by your clients. Are you?

So in short it is necessary that you must create something different and stunning from your other counterparts. This process will attract the ideal clients and your business will be on the next level.

3. Be Specific!

If you speak through your mouth and your work doesn’t speak then it means that you can’t brand yourself as well as your design. You need to design in such a way that will automatically speak your talent and you will discover that the client is coming only due to your work’s beauty.
Just be specific and don’t be out of the client’s pool.

Brand Yourself
Brand yourself

You can say ‘ I’m a graphic designer’, but keep in mind that this will not attract the audience too much. “ I’m a graphic designer who designs the logos for the real estate businesses “, this will surely attract the audience in a wide range. You need to narrow down your branding as much as you can. The more you narrow down, the more the clients will come. But niching yourself down is good but going to much down is not good. Don’t be too narrow and specific that you might be out of the clients’ pool.

4. Key branding elements are necessary!

You have known too much now it’s time to start your branding. This step might be comfortable for you because it involves designing. You are very happy with designing. So now you need to pull your potential out. If you want to brand yourself as a designer then you need to find some key elements which can be very attractive and can attract the attention of a large number of clients. These key elements include:

You’re a designer so it is your problem that how you make these aforementioned elements strongly attractive and stunning. We are not going to teach you, how to make these elements branding? You just need to brand yourself and design by branding these elements.

5. Brand yourself and Put yourself in your client’s shoes!

You must be very clear that your client can make you aware of the design. They are the people who guide you because they tell you which design is required. If your client is looking to buck the status quo and make waves in the industry then your client is in search of a designer who can take risks and who is on the edgy side.

If the client is clueless about the designing then you keep in mind that they are looking for a designer who can work from start to end. The designer must provide each and everything which is needed during design. A designer must make such a process that is easy and understandable.
If your client is in search to connect with the Millenials he /she wants such a designer whose brand shows that they know what is happening with the current trends.

By TUbiko UI Design

When you do this then the clients will be attractive to you. You need to work in Sufism a way that can ensure the clients that they are on the right way in the search of the right designer.

If you do, You’ll succeed!

If your work for the establishment of these 5 tips then your business will be on the upper level than the previous level. You just need to stay in touch with new trends and tactics. GoDesign.pk is such a platform that can expand your portfolio, give new clients, so you need to sign up if you don’t ever have.

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